Grace Your Face - Pre-Date Brightening Masks

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Check out this fast-acting treatment which leaves you with a glowing, wide-awake, just-been-for-a-lovely-walk colour and silky and supple skin texture.

What's more, there is no cloggy clay or gunky cream to handle.  

Our mask is a pre-drenched cloth that saturates your skin in radiance-boosting ingredients like mulberry, gingko biloba, algae, allantoin and camellia.

Unlike cream masks, you cannot walk around the house while its on cos it will just fall off. But what a great excuse to lie back and think of England while you get gorgeous!

  • Revitalizing and skin brightening mask.

  • Contains a deep moisturising and age resisting combination of Marine Collagen, Ginko Algae and Mulberry Extract.

  • Specially formulated to work deep within the skin.

  • Leaves your face looking and feeling refreshed & rejuvenated.

  • See Application Tips below:

To use:

Pre-clean your face (you do not want any surface dirt sliding into your pores), then open the sachet, unfold the cloth and simply drape it over your skin.

That's all!

After 10-15 relaxing minutes, use it to mop up any residual serum, then you are ready to face the world.


  • Put the mask in the fridge in hot weather. It will then feel deliciously cooling.

  • Apply our Revitalising Green Tea Eye Pads while the mask is on - it makes the treatment even more refreshing. None handy? Try cucumber slices, or even cold, wet tea bags.

  • Keep the box somewhere safe cos your sister (or even your mum) may want to nick the spare mask in each pack.