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Eco Friendly Bamboo Hair Turban

Made of special premium, soft, thick, plush, absorbent, ULTRA-FINE Bamboo Fiber. 

£6.63 ex. VAT
Eco Friendly Bamboo Hydro Moisturizing Socks

The socks will enhance the absorption of your moisturizer, leaving the skin feeling soft and smooth. Excellent for people with dry skin.

£4.96 ex. VAT
Eco Friendly Natural Loofah Sponge

The dried fruit of the loofah plant forms a natural sponge, these firm fiber give your skin a stimulating massage and deep pore cleanse to your body.

£2.92 ex. VAT
Eco Friendly Sisal Fibre Bath Mitt

This double-sided bath mitt delivers indulgent pampering, all over cleansing, body messaging and an exfoliating experience.

£4.13 ex. VAT

The Basicare ECO friendly range of bath and body products has been developed in response to demand from consumers for natural products that are recyclable. 

Most of the range uses bamboo, together with loofah and other similar vegetable products.

The ECO range includes products for everyday use from bath mitts, sponges, exfoliates to moisturising globes and socks.

Where appropriate each product is supplied in an environmentally friendly EVA bag, each bag is zip locked with a pilferage prevention.