If I ask how do you take care of your skin? There is a chance that the answer will come up with Cleansing, moisturizing, sun protection, and exploiting.

But are you satisfied with your skin after using that process? Ask yourself, you will get the answer. If you are not then try face serum. Face Super Serum is a revolutionary skincare product. Nowadays using face serum has become very popular because of its quick effectiveness and long-lasting result. Face serums are proven best for your face by many dermatologists.

If you don't know about serum then no problem we are here to help you out with the best serum for your skin.

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What is serum?

The serum is a lightweight skincare product that contains a high concentration of active ingredients hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, and vitamin C.  It targets specific skincare concerns such as

  • acne,
  • blackheads,
  • dry and dull skin,
  • fine lines
  • Wrinkles.

The natural ingredients in the serum are powerful and it’s formulated with smaller molecules. Typically a serum is thinner than a moisturizer. So, our skin can quickly absorb it. For this reason, the serum is the best option for your skin.

There are many different types of face serums available in the market. You will be surprised to know that each of them contains unique ingredients. They are used for different skin purposes. For example, some serums can reduce blemishes while some brighten your skin tone. Some help boosting hydration or fighting the signs of aging. You just have to find and choose the best serum for your skin.  To pick the best serum for your skin pay a visit to Amirose online shop.


How to Use Face Serum

You may have heard about face serum a lot. This magical skincare product can transform your skin and make it more radiant, spot-free, and youthful. In other words, the best serum for your skin can make your overall face beautiful and healthy. To get the maximum benefit of face serum first, you need to know about the proper way of using it. Now If I ask you

Do you know how to use a face serum in the right way?

You might be able to answer. Most of the users don’t know the right order to use it. Usually, users feel those questions with a face serum.


Should I use it after the moisturizer?

Should I use it only at night?

And how much should I use it?

What is the best serum for my skin?

If these questions are keeping you away from using face serum, then you should read on to know how to use a face serum to get the maximum out of it.

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1. When should I use a face serum?

Most face serums can be applied twice a day and it is safe to use, – once in the morning on your clean face before putting your makeup on and once at night before bed. 

Remember to use the serum which is best for your skin type and always read your serum’s label for any additional information or directions. Some of the serums should be avoided during the daytime. While some serums work better when the sun is shining!

So read all descriptions of any particular serum before adding any serum into your skincare routine. As we were talking about the skincare routine, you might follow a skincare routine in your daily life. Everyone does.

But do you know the right order of skincare routine? If Not sure how to build the right? You should read the following to know more about the perfect daily skincare routine.

Here is the frequency of face serum application in daily skincare routine-

  • Use Anti-pigmentation and antioxidant serums in the morning. Because it will help to protect your skin against environmental pollution and free radical production
  • Use Anti-aging serums at night, because at night time skin stays relaxed which helps to penetrate the ingredients to work deep into your skin cell and it removes dead cells.
  • Apply Hydrating serums for drier skin twice daily. It will help to keep your skin dewy and moisturized.


2. How much face serum should I use?

The best quality Serums are very potent and contain a high concentration of active ingredients. So a little amount of serum is enough to cover your whole face. You have to cover your face in a light and thin layer so that serum can penetrate the skin cell quickly. About a pea-sized or 2 pumps amount of the face serum is sufficient. It is even better Amirose Super  Serum comes with a dropper. You can control the number of drops of serum with a dropper. If needed add a drop or two more. About 3-4 drops of the face serum are well enough to lightly cover your whole face and neck.

3. How to correctly apply face serum?

Generally, we apply face lotions and moisturizers in an upward direction but In the case of face serum, you need to follow a different process. Serums are supposed to be applied to your face in small tapping motions with your palms.

So the correct order to use face serum is,


  • take about 2-4 drops of your face serum
  • Spread it between your palms without rubbing it excessively
  • Gently dab the serum all over the face and neck
  • Do not rub the skin excessively


Now wait for a couple of minutes and let the serum enter into your epidermis.


4. What is the correct order of using skincare products?

The method of using face serum plays a huge role in its effectiveness. You should use your skincare products in a specific order to get the maximum benefit of each product. Here is the correct order to use the best serum for your skin with other skincare products-

  1. Cleanser
  2. Exfoliator (Optional)
  3. Toner
  4. Face Serum
  5. Eye Cream
  6. Moisturizer (day cream and night cream)
  7. SPF cream (in the morning)

   Viii. Body Lotion


Cleansing, toning, and moisturizing are probably already a part of your daily skincare routine. But now that you have a better understanding of how to use the best serum for your face skin, it is time to pick the best serum for your skin. Start your journey to healthy and glowing skin with the best serum. Visit amirose to know more.

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